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We help companies develop and industrialize their plastic products.

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The project you are developing today is the place where the possibilities of your future mature, but

Only 30% of a company's innovative ideas come from its employees 70% come from outside
(Andrea Pontremoli Delegato Dallara)

In the path started in 2001, our company has gained skills in various sectors and can bring you the advantage that technology transfer offers.

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Productive sectors

Automotive and traction

In 2002 we followed our first car project, it was the passenger side drawer of the Audi A6.

since then we have worked on both interiors and under hood components. From 2006 onwards the collaboration with the Automotive Lighting group began, which allowed us to specialize in the development of the plastic parts of the rear lights

including the design of the related molds.

in particular with the well-known manufacturer INGLASS. Together with our associate Dema we are highly vertical on the speaker grids


Since 2002 we develop plastic products for the construction world for the DALIFORM GROUP


Since 2014 we have been designing components and power tools for uses in the agricultural sector.


In 2005, thanks to the trust placed in us by BACCINI SPA, world leader in the sector of machines for screen printing of photovoltaic cells, we began to do the first work in industrial automation both as co-design on transport lines, and by designing and producing small products for them. series of plastic components with permanent antistatic capacity. Since then we have engineered and supplied many components for this sector.


In 2004 the collaboration with the ArredoPlast group was born and specifically with Plastitecnica in co-design we develop furniture components for Ikea, while with the sister ABM we develop wardrobes and containers of all kinds (photo7). In 2009 we started to develop bathroom furniture from the bathtub to the design sinks and we still develop plastic parts for the furniture world and since 2016 we have concentrated our activities more in the office chair sector.


In 2007 with Deloghi Radiators we made our first project in this sector by developing a blower.


Since 2004 we operate in this area introduced by AP Medical our first customer in the sector.


In 2012 we started designing for the energy industry, taking care of the development of turbine blades and forging molds.


Since 2013 we collaborate with MuseoFab for the design of display cases and museum furnishings. Significant projects are the Duomo museum in Milan, the Turin cinema museum and with JS srl the largest multimedia museum in Europe on the M9 in Mestre.

Associated companies

DEMA Engineering GmbH
Mozartweg 1 9499 Wolfsberg - Austria

Together with Dema, the skills are complementary to those of Delineat, we can offer a complete service from design to the realization of the finished detail.

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